Thursday, December 22, 2011

Graduate School

Two weeks ago, my two-point-five years of graduate school came to a close, and I officially graduated from CMU (again).

Those two years were filled with a plethora of different emotions and experiences: hard times, fun times, challenging times, difficult discussions, hilarious moments, and everything in between. I grew up even more than I thought I could. I realized there's always more growing up to do. I met some amazing friends, got closer with others, and learned...God, I was always learning. Learning about myself, about people, about communication. 

I learned I can freestyle rap sometimes.  I learned the argyle pattern can bring people together. I learned others want to see you fall sometimes, but you shouldn't focus on them, but the people that are there to pick you up. 

I learned someone always has something going on in their lives that is difficult. I learned to give people a break (and that I desperately need to learn how to give myself a break). I learned to avoid using loud pens when taking exams, and shaking your hand after writing a long essay can ease the hand cramps.

I learned Casi has the best hair possible, a mutual love of Taylor Swift can bond people (shoutout Laura!)  and Sarah can make the phrase "sweet angel dolphin baby" make complete sense. Also, it helps when your friends are with you on a train to Tumble Town. And Chili's chips and salsa is both delicious and a life-saver. Bennigan's potato soup and salads are a MUST after a long night class discussing paradigm shifts.

I learned that boyfriends you bring to wine and cheese parties don't usually stick around for the second wine and cheese party. And that's okay. And coffee shop talks change everything for the better.

I learned things get hard. You want to quit. But it's your friends that keep you going. And in the midst of it all, perseverance always wins.

I would say more about the memories I have of graduate school, but these videos show more than I could ever tell in words: