Sunday, September 29, 2013


I know,  I'm awful and haven't written in like, two months. Which I am trying to work on, really, I am. I've got some writing projects in the works that I will write more about later.


Anywho, fall is here, and I thought I would share a few blog posts I have written lately for this AWESOME nonprofit online magazine that is near and dear to my heart called Libero Network.  I'm passionate about female empowerment and women's/teen girl issues, and Libero Network is a wonderful site that focuses on many issues that girls (and guys, for that matter) deal with, including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, etc. I've recently had the amazing opportunity to serve as the site's Assistant Editor/Community Blog manager, and it's been such a great learning experience for me. Reading contributor's submissions is mind-blowing. Everyone has a story, and so many are fighting inner-battles that they WIN. Every SINGLE day. The strength of people astound me.

Below are links to three of my posts--originally posted on Libero Network. It'd be cool if you, you know, read them. I'd like that.

Lindsay's Blog Posts on Libero Network:

 You Don't Have to Do Everything

Holes and Scars

Defining You

And I am going to write in here more. So I hope you read it. This blog. I find I write more easily if I feel I am writing for someone.

So there's that.

xoxo (I got the xoxo part from Gossip Girl, which probably has contributed to my lack-of-writing in here just a teeeeeny bit, I admit).


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